• Description
    VEOX is Alcotec’s high-quality and innovative conductor material made of anodised aluminum strip.

    The extremely thin, all-round, completely insulating anodised coating with a maximum thickness of 6.0 µm ensures optimal thermal conductivity and dielectric strength. This is > 10 V/µm, so a dielectric strength of up to 200 V (coil-to-coil) can be achieved and up to 120 V can be guaranteed. The layer thickness can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

    The high heat dissipation ensures a high-performance winding material even without additional insulation, so that no undesirable hot spots arise in the coil. Coils made of VEOX strip material have a higher temperature resistance, at 500°C, than copper windings, at 180°C.

  • Description
    The extremely compact coils made of VEOX strip material offer a weight advantage of up to 50% compared to electrically identical coils of a similar size that are made of copper. With a filling factor of up to 98%, they offer higher efficiency in terms of the electrical component compared to enamelled copper wire with a significantly lower fill factor.

    Our VEOX strip material made of anodised aluminum strip is replacing the traditionally used copper wire or strip in increasing numbers of applications.

    VEOX strip material is particularly suitable for use with electromagnets in a wide variety of areas.

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