• Our contribution to sustainable development
    Sustainability is one of the central factors of our corporate philosophy. We offer innovative and sustainable products, services and solutions to meet the demands of customers, partners, legislators and end users for responsible business practices and environmentally friendly products.

    Commitment to sustainability
    With regard to our economic, ecological and social responsibility towards future generations, we are committed to sustainable development in our production chain. We seek open and transparent dialogue to develop strategies and measures based on clear goals and continuous improvement.

  • Strategic approach
    The essential aspects are based on the four fields of action within our strategic approach to sustainability: Processes & production, products, people and transparency. We are committed to building our sustainability strategy based on these aspects. This includes, for example, the creation of jobs or further training measures or the use of natural resources for energy consumption in the production process.

    Compliance with local laws and internal company rules as well as respect for human rights and environmental regulations are vitally important to us in our internal processes and relationships with external contacts such as customers, partners, authorities and suppliers.

  • Processes & production
    We use production resources that also generate waste and emissions. Environmental issues are therefore among the key relevant sustainability aspects along the entire value chain. Furthermore, the health and wellbeing of employees in all areas of the company is our top priority.

    Alcotec stands for high quality and innovative products. The focus is therefore on the quality of our products and information provision, since we know that satisfied customers are the basis for lasting success and sustainable growth.

  • People
    Motivated and competent employees are an essential factor for our corporate success. As part of the corporate strategy, Alcotec therefore places great emphasis on matching people with roles that suit them. Diversity is encouraged, and appropriate further training is offered to ensure optimal competence profiles.

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