• Description
    In the production of our high-precision and temperature-resistant magnetic coils we use VEOX strip material, an anodised aluminum strip with a burr-free edge profile.

    Each of our coils is made to measure on our modern special machines in our coil production facility, using high-precision winding technology and according to customer specifications. Winding tolerances of <100 µm can be realised no matter how many coils are to be produced.

    The extremely thin VEOX insulation layer ensures optimal dielectric strength and thermal conductivity for the use of the coils. State-of-the-art measuring devices ensure optimal quality checks on the precision coils.

  • Description
    VEOX-anodised aluminum strip winding does not require any additional insulation material between the layers. The windings therefore sit firmly on top of each other and we achieve an extremely high fill factor, especially since hardly any air spaces are created.

    Since the melting point of the oxide layer is 2,000°C and 659°C for aluminum, anodised aluminum strip spools can even be used at a continuous temperature of 500° C.

    The high-quality VEOX anodised layer enables our coils to be used for both AC and DC applications.

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